About Us

Diamond DJs has been created by a team with a combined 20+ years experience in the music, DJ and night life industry.

Our team has wealth of experience from DJs and Promoters to Party Event Planners.

As a business we understand what it takes for a DJ to build a DJ business with longevity.

Diamond DJs has created a platform for successful and entrepreneurial DJs to position their services online via a Diamond DJs mini-website and profile.

The simplicity of the Diamond DJs platform allows potential customers searching online to review and find their DJ.

For the DJs reading this:
Diamond DJs provides real value for DJs looking to build their client base.

Here’s how we get you new DJ bookings:

  • We advertise on Google so that when a potential client searches for a DJ, our ads show up – over 45,000 people search for DJs each month.
  • We constantly improve our Google search rankings to show in the natural search results when people search for a DJ in your area.
  • We advertise on Facebook, attracting people to search for a DJ – currently our ads show to over 100,000 people a month.

This means when you create a profile on our site it will show in front of hundreds or thousands of people searching for a DJ.

We also provide exclusive and accredited DJ training courses and equipment with industries leading DJ companies to support you in developing the services you provide for your clients.


For the Party Planners reading this:
Diamond DJs provides real value for Party Planners looking to book a professional DJ.

We make it simple for you to directly contact DJs without a middle man or agency charging commissions or DJ agency fees.


How Does The Site Work?
The site is really simple to use as you can quickly create your own DJ profile with a biography, you can add links to your social media channels and music sites. This is ideal for anyone that doesn’t have a website, this is a great solution for you.
You can also add images, but most importantly you can also add info pertaining to your geographic location so that your profile can be seen on a dynamic map, be found by event planners, party organisers, bars, hotels and clubs who need your DJ skills.
The site has been designed, programmed and engineered the that your individual profile is search engine optimised so that you can receive DJ enquiries in your location.
How Does The Free Month Work?
As a new member we’d like to give new DJs the first month for free. This is because from a search engine marketing point of view it takes around 1 month for Google and other search engines to acknowledge the content of your DJ profile and attract visitors.
Can I Get Any More Free Months?
If you don’t ask, you don’t get, but now that you’ve asked, here’s a coupon for 6 months FREE! YES, 6 MONTHS!! 107A36C32A enter this into the check out area and we will give you your first six months absolutely free on us. If you’ve already joined this will not work, sorry. But if you’re about to join, go for it!